We’re pleased to announce the 4th Annual Love’s Spirit of Giving initiative in celebration of the 173rd anniversary of the Love’s brand. To learn more and nominate a non-profit, click the button below!

Our Story

The Love’s brand has a long history in the Hawaiian Islands. In 2021, Love’s signed a licensing agreement with Franz Family Bakery. Franz Family Bakery is honored to continue the tradition of the beloved Love’s brand, and dedicated to baking the highest-quality products for Hawaiʻi.

Franz produces the Love’s products at its mainland bakeries, primarily located on the West Coast. In partnership with Hawaii Foodservice Alliance the Love’s brand will continue to be distributed statewide.

For every Love’s product sold, Franz and Hawaii Foodservice Alliance will donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profits that support local communities in the Islands.

Franz Bakery is proud to be a fourth-generation family-owned bakery based in the Pacific Northwest.


Royal Hearth Breads

Sweet Hawaiian

Sandwich Breads

100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Buns & Rolls

Sliced Hamburger Buns 8 Pack


Love's Donuts


Love's English muffins

Stuffing Mix

Love's Stuffing Mix