Celebrating October with a Spooky Monster Eye Sandwich

OCTOBER 1, 2020 – Love’s Bakery is beginning the celebration of 170 years in business in Hawaii by launching a series of cooking segments on Hawaii News Now’s program, HI Now.

The first recipe showed off the versatility of Love’s Bread as a nutritious, fun treat. With the upcoming Halloween holiday, the recipe was named “Monster Eye Grilled Cheese Sandwich”. It is an easy to prepare, healthy sandwich for kids of all ages.

Teresa Nguyen, Love’s “chef”, prepared a grilled cheese sandwich that had an egg cooked in a hole in the middle…looking like a monster’s eye, but it is so delicious. Kanoe Gibson, the host of the program talked to Teresa about Love’s Bakery’s new website and the long list of products that they bake locally. Try the recipe.

Watch for Love’s to be launching a Season of Giving, helping Hawaii’s non-profits with donations of food; interactive contests for kids and adults; featured recipes and much more over the next year.