FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 6, 2020 – Love’s Bakery, a fixture in Hawaii for nearly 170 years has launched a new website to entertain and inform its customers. The approach is to keep people coming back to the website to find out more about Love’s products, seek out recipes, enjoy games and much more. While many Hawaii residents, their parents and even their grandparents grew up eating Love’s bread, most don’t realize the extent of their product line. Love’s bakes and distributes over 200 varieties of bread and buns.

Locally owned and operated, Love’s Bakery employs over 250 people in the islands. Their fresh, baked products are made on Oahu and shipped by air to Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Hawaii island for delivery to grocery stores, military bases, restaurants, schools, and hospitals across the state.

“Love’s Bakery has been a beloved brand for nearly 170 years,” stated Terry Elliott, President of Love’s Bakery. “We are thrilled to be reinvigorating the company with a new website and marketing that resonates with both our longstanding customers and those who are new to us.”

Some of the novel ideas on the website are a recipe finder that searches for the type of product or flavors the reader desires, a Love’s Match game that pairs the player’s personality with a Love’s product, trivia, and coloring contests using the brand new Love’s mascots who portray cute characters using bread, buns, bagels and more. Hawaii residents can find all of the fun, as well as promotions available throughout the state at

About Love’s Bakery

Founded in 1851 by a Scottish baker named Robert Love, Love’s Biscuit & Bread Co. originally specialized in ‘re-baking’ bread from sailing ships that had become inedible, as well as selling hard biscuits called hardtack. The business expanded in 1924, and by 1932 its operations were concentrated on wholesale only. Owned by the Love family until 1968, it was sold first to ITT Continental Baking Company, then in 1981 to First Baking Company of Japan. In 2008, management brought its ownership back to Hawaii. Love’s Bakery produces over 200 varieties of bread and buns. It also distributes products from Bon Appetite, Punalu‘u, Franz, Little Debbie and Give ‘n Go. The company supports a number of local non-charities with bread donations which it will expand in celebration of its 170 anniversary in 2021.